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Information and History about Troy - People, Places and things

'Troy' is a wonderful name. From the historic venue for the Trojan War to the names of many people and places, Troy is used in many ways. Catch up with what what Troy is all about. Start exploring Troy by clicking on a link below.

The Legendary Troy

Troy is the Greek legendary city. A city that was the stage for the Trojan War according to the great poet Homer. Now an archaeological site located in Turkey, Troy is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Troy is a very popular name - both as a given name as well as a fictional character.

Films, Literature and Music

Troy has lots of references in the arts - from Brad Pitt's epic movie to song of O'Connor


Troy is the name of sport


There are over a dozen places with the name Troy. Get to know them all.

Others References

Troy is the name of a small British submarine, a class of boats a cytokine receptor. Find out about them

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